4 Free Tools to become a better writer immediately


Writing content, especially consistent content, can often feel overwhelming. It is even more so when it comes to adapting the content to multiple media platforms, and coming up with new and trending topics. Unlike other parts of branding or business, content is still very much a manual job. The Bumblebee Branding Company has seen both the highs and lows of content writing, so we are here to suggest four FREE online tools to make content writing a little easier. We’ve put these tools to great use, and now you can do it too!

1.     Write and edit in one place with Evernote

From to-do lists to research notes to entire articles, writers can use Evernote for every step of the writing and editing process. You can sync up your website, tablet, and phone accounts and they all will work the same way. It is a safe place to write and edit content, as it is on a secure server. Use it to keep a running list of ideas!

2.     See how your content looks on the web with Word2Clean HTML

If you are used to drafting blog posts in Microsoft Word, Excel, or Google Docs, then this tool is useful for you. When you copy content from Word and paste into HTML or WordPress, there are often plenty of little formatting issues that pop up. Word2Clean applies various filters when you add content, resulting in well-formatted HTML content that is ready to go on a webpage!

3.     WordCounter tells how you long your content is

While there is no correct answer for how long a blog post should be, sometimes word counts come in handy if you have a deadline. Paste your content to WordCounter and find out how many words it is. However, keep in mind that as long as your content serves its purpose (thought leadership, engagement, driving leads), the length does not really matter.

4.     Get your creativity moving with Blog Topic Generator

If you regularly write blogs but are running out of topics, enter a few keywords of your blog into Blog Topic Generator and it does the work for you! Get a week’s worth of blog ideas and creative angles ready to go.

Become a Content Wizard

The tools and resources we have listed can help you create and generate high-quality content. Combine that with customer journey mapping and buyer personas to write content just for your target audience! The Bumblebee Branding Company in Chennai, India, is here to help you anytime with our content writing services.

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