3 ways a press release can promote you correctly

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A press release is still arguably one of the most powerful tools for controlling your narrative when it comes to promoting yourself. To successfully persuade journalists that you are an expert worth interviewing; have a product worthy of coverage in their publication or website; have been invited to speak at an event relevant within their area(s) of expertise – you need only one thing: a well-written press release.

1. Notify the media to gain publicity

Press releases are a tool that help you notify the media about your events and successes. There are two approaches you can take here:

  • The press release can be released in advance to select media circles to drum up hype for a new event
  • Use the press release to hype up a successful event. You can also use press releases for other events also to give an expert’s opinion.

Here are the types of press releases you can consider:

  • General news
  • Event Press release
  • Product press release
  • Launch press release
  • Expert position press release

2. Promote your business on the internet through other channels

The contents of your press release, particularly if you have important news to share, can be broken down and placed throughout the Internet through other channels. This type of press release is called a “news release” and helps you promote your business just to the media, but to new audiences directly without using the media as a middleman. You can place the press release on the channels of other established sources such as:

  • Blogs
  • Social media
  • Other websites

3. Inform your customers about important matters

Your press release helps customers to understand that big changes or new innovations are happening within your company –

  • It provides third-party verification that your product claims are valid;
  • It articulates your product’s use case in a compelling, relatable format; and.
  • It borrows your customer’s brand authority to enhance your own.

Control your narrative.

Press releases are immediate release tools that can get you the right publicity at the right time, right within your control. If you would like to create a press release that will make you stand out in a sea of other companies, reach out to the Bumblebee Branding Company for press release writing services in Chennai, India.

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