10 Tips to Generate Buzz on Social Media


There are multiple strategies you can use to create a buzz about your company on social platforms.

Your business needs to be on social media; that’s a fact! If your digital marketing strategy is not leveraging social media, you are missing out on reaching more than 4.2 billion active social media users worldwide. But beware, just posting on social platforms isn’t enough anymore. With the content deluge today, businesses and brands have to be intentional with their social media strategy. Brands need to always stay on top of the game and find proactive ways to reach out and engage with the audience. 

Key Steps to the Discovery Process:

If you want to increase your engagement rates, here are 10 tips to start generating buzz on social media.

  1. Identify Your Audience – Spend time researching the market and finding out more about your target audience. Follow your audience to their favorite social platforms and focus your marketing efforts there. The more you know about your audience, the easier it will be to curate quality content and engage with them.
  2. Make Your Content Share-Worthy – To generate more buzz on social media, you want users to reshare your posts. To earn frequent shares, post current and relevant data like breaking news stories, stay in the know of industry trends and forecasts, and create citable data.  And there’s no denying it, people love motivating quotes and cute and funny posts. Whatever you choose to post, ensure it aligns with your brand.
  3. Include Visual Content – The importance of visual content continues to grow across all major social networks.  According to Buzzsumo, Facebook posts with images have a 2.3X more engagement rate. Videos have an even bigger impact as brands are finding them powerful tools to communicate more easily with users. Experiment with different content marketing visuals like GIFs, memes, videos, and infographics to see what works best for your audience.
  4. Create a Hashtag – Catchy hashtags can help your brand and product stand apart. When used effectively, they can generate a huge social media buzz and allow new users to discover you. Do you have an offline event? Use a hashtag. It will encourage your attendees to post online and share their experiences, further promoting your brand. When you create a hashtag, make sure that it is unique and easy to remember.
  5. Have a Call to Action – Want your users to do something specific – spread the word or participate in a contest? Ask for it! Have a clear message and call to action (CTA) by using words like “subscribe,” “download,” “follow,” or “retweet.” Studies have shown that this can improve engagement rate by up to 23x.
  6. Partner with Influencers – Another huge opportunity to generate buzz is to partner with prominent influencers. With influencer marketing, you can generate high engagement. It’s also an easy way to leverage an influencer’s audience to get your business in front of more users. You can work with an influencer for free or run a paid campaign.
  7. Roll Out a Teaser Campaign – Launching a new product – get the word out with a well-designed teaser campaign! Grab the attention of users with glimpses of the product and information. Build excitement and anticipation before the launch so that users are ready to buy your product on the big day. 
  8. Run Exciting Contests – A fun and easy way for your brand to create buzz are to hold contests and giveaways. This works well for product launches and events. You can ask those who participate to share first; this way you are guaranteed several shares. This will help boost brand awareness. Of course, you’ll need an attractive prize to motivate people to participate and share on social media
  9. Share User-Generated Content – It’s time to invite your users to contribute content. Did you know that user-generated content has a better sharing rate than any other content type? Fans like being acknowledged by their favorite brands. Reposting high-quality, user-generated content will allow your users to be included in the conversation and in turn, will strengthen your community. 
  10. Consistency is Key – Consistency is important to social media success. Be consistent with posting content regardless of the number of likes or shares you are getting. The more often people see your brand on social platforms, the more they will trust you. Also, keep your posts consistent across various social media touchpoints.

Create Buzz and Get More Business

Social media has become an essential tool of any marketing strategy allowing businesses to reach customers, gain insights, and grow their brands. The social media landscape is continuously evolving so be ready to adapt and focus your efforts on strategies that will generate the biggest return for your business. 

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